pharmacy compounding  (kŏm′poun′dĭng)


The preparation, mixing, assembling, packaging and labelling of a drug or device in accordance with a licensed practitioner’s prescription, medication order, or initiative based on the practitioner-patient-pharmacist/compounder relationship in the course of professional practice.



USP <795> Pharmaceutical Compounding— Nonsterile Preparations, United States Pharmacopoeia 41



Formul8 is a compounding laboratory situated in Hennopspark, Centurion, South Africa. It is privately owned by pharmacists with a passion and curiosity about pretty much everything!


Formul8 Pharma and Lycoderm Laboratories are sister-companies who operate together under Lycoderm Pharmacy (registered A-Graded pharmacy).


We combine old-fashioned personalised care with the newest dosage form technologies to prepare medicine for patients. Medicines are made based on a practitioner’s prescription in which individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient.

Formul8 Pharma is dedicated to serving the individual pharmaceutical needs of both prescribers and their patients.




Formul8’s vision is to establish an excellent and visionary culture of collaboration with healthcare practitioners through knowledge, service, innovation and integrity. We aim to deliver the highest quality of medicine and continuously provide cutting edge resources, technology, knowledge and expertise in order to serve as a trusted extension of each practice of every practitioner we work with.



Knowledge sharing provides a platform for exponential problem solving. We share knowledge with fellow compounding pharmacist colleagues abroad and brainstorm on pharmaceutical problems to look for solutions together. We also have access to independent accredited labs to analyse the potency of our compounds.


Formul8 collaborates with Universities’ research and development teams and are involved in projects to bring the world-class research professors and their PhD graduates in South Africa are doing on the drug delivery front to commercial life.



Formul8 is a division of Lycoderm Pharmacy –
fully licensed SAPC inspected A-rated pharmacy and supported by some of the most trusted medical practitioners in South Africa.

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Compounded medications are used to treat a wide range of different men’s health conditions. Essentially, they are customised medications that are specifically designed for each individual’s unique biology and hormone levels. Men may have health concerns about prostate or bladder problems, low libido, hair loss, ageing skin, fungal infections, low energy levels and many other health conditions that can be treated with compounded medications.

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The compounding pharmacy is one of the most important tools available to functional medicine practitioners.

Our pharmacists formulate combinations of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients as prescribed by a healthcare practitioner. These include medications to address various systems in the body involving liver, metabolism, thyroid, hormone (bioidentical) replacement therapy, sleep support etc - tailored specifically to an individual patient’s needs and dosages amended in accordance with each patient’s need.

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Pain management plans may involve a combination of medicines that may take a variety of forms.

First-line treatments include an array of commercially available oral pain relief medications on the market. However, due to their dosage strength, dosage format or other factors, they can lead to unwanted side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, stomach irritation, gastritis, ulcers, and addiction. Additionally, many people have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets, presenting further obstacles to pain treatment.

Significant patient challenges associated with oral pain medication have led to a growing interest in the use of compounded transdermal pain medications as alternative treatment options.

A successful and caring pain management practitioner is always in search of innovative personalised solutions for his or her patients that ease the administration requirements while at the same time providing improved clinical outcomes. Collaborating with our experienced team of pharmacists is a critical part of this process.

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Many problems that are unique to women are not catered for by commercially available medications available to treat them. A compounding pharmacy has the ability to customize medications to meet the unique needs of women. Areas of interest include hormone replacement therapy, vulvodynia, sexual dysfunction, vaginal atrophy, pigmentation, etc.

Pharmacists focusing on special preparation of medicine has an important role to play in the field of paediatric medicine. Our pharmacists offer solutions to unique patient needs that arise in the paediatric population. Medication can be tailored to cater for the needs of a child to allow better compliance in cases when the commercial product is unable to meet the needs of the patient.

Example: a suspension, suppository, or lozenge formulation is sometimes needed when the manufactured products are only offered as solid oral dosage forms in adult strengths. Paediatric cases clearly illustrate the process of collaboration between the pharmacist, patient, and doctor to solve the patient’s needs.